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»Kultura pod pochmurnym niebem – Dynamiczna diagnoza kultury Warmii i Mazur« [Culture under cloudy sky– Dynamic diagnoses for the culture in Warmian-Masurian]

Keynot speech by Prof. Dr. Oliver Scheytt

»Konzertierte Wertschätzung statt prekärer Arbeitsbedingungen! Plädoyer für eine Kulturpolitik im Interesse von Künstlern« by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schneider

Cartography of the cultural politicy in Leipzig

Inaugural address by Falk Elstermann

»Kulturbeiräte als Instrument konzeptbasierter und beteiligungsorientierter Kulturpolitik. Formen, Potenziale und Herausforderungen« by Dr. Patrick S. Föhl and Alexandra Künzel

Welcoming speech by Uwe Gaul

»Free Riga!« by Jonas Büchel


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The opening event
World | culture.city | Leipzig Leipzig Cultural Alumni (1990-2015)
The first day of the congress
The second day of the congress
The workshops
The closing event
The grafic recording

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Christian Gracza
Jonas Büchel
Stefanie Raab
Wolfgang Schneider
Yiorgos Papamanousakis
Christine Ebeling
Marc Allen Herbst
Pavla Spurna
Theo Geissler
Zdeňka Kujová
Inaugural speech
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scope.for.action II
to share and to have I
to share and to have II
to grapple <-> to compound I
to grapple <-> to compound II
Culture educates! I
Culture educates! II

Furthermore, you can visit our Vimeo and Youtube channels - World | culture.city | Leipzig Leipzig Cultural Alumni (1990-2015) here and here Cultural practitioners from around the world were invited to submit a video if they have spent some amount of time within the past 25 years in Leipzig and now live in some other part of the world. The collection of short cinematic works commented upon what it was that brought them to Leipzig in the first place, what they found particularly exciting in this city and how Leipzig continued to influenced them and their work after leaving. During the conference, on September 22nd, 2015, the films were shown in the Polish Institute and complemented with live interviews from selected cultural actors.